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GSM-Multimedia GmbH was founded on 24.06.1994 by Claudia Gangl in Dingolfing. At the beginning we mainly sold Flightcases and Recordbags. Over the past years our assortment has continuously evolved and it now features everything from DJ and Club products up to production and studio equipment.

Since our foundation in 1994 we have assisted end-users from the fields of DJ, club, gastronomy, store construction and TV / broadcast as well as resellers and installation companies. Now, after more than 15 years we can count on a pan-European distribution network and proudly supply nearly all of the famous DJs and most of the professional dealers.


August 1995:
GSM-Multimedia was appointed to take over the distribution of Amabilia Flightcases in Germany. This was the starting point of our wholesale network.

November 1998:
We were proud to announce that we took over the exclusive distribution for MaishMereau products in Germany. We were the first professional vendor of Recordbags in Germany.

February 2000:
We adopted another exclusive distribution agreement for the German-speaking area. The whole range of Ultimate-DJ-Gear (UDG) is now merchandised by our company. By securing this deal we were pleased to introduce another brand to the market, thereby enlarging our market share in the DJ-Bags and DJ-Case sectors.

October 2000:
To provide our customers with an even better level of service we decided to also offer our products via the internet. From this point our products have been presented and sold worldwide at

January 2001:
We integrated a retail section into our Web shop This allowed our resellers to order their products easily and efficiently online.

March 2002:
As new proprietor, Hans Söllner joins the excellent structure of this young company. At this point we would like to thank our previous owner Claudia Gangl for the wonderful and successful years she had with the company.

August 2002:
A ground-breaking ceremony in Landau / Isar: We start building the new company headquarters in Landau / Isar, Siemensstraße 10.

January 2003:
The building project was completed! We very much looked forward to moving into the new offices and storage areas.

February 2005:
We discontinue distribution of the UDG brand and establish our own brand – Zomo! In the future Zomo covers products in the range of recordbags, flight cases and accessories. From this point on, our entire experience flows into the production of Zomo products and enlarges our market leadership.

June 2005:
Sefour UK passes the exclusive distribution for the German market to our company. We enlarge our market leadership in the range of DJ furniture and accessories.

August 2005:
Freefloat BV passes the exclusive distribution for Freefloat air cushions in Germany to our company.

October 2005:
On October 31st 2005, the whole business division passes into the newly founded GSM-Multimedia GmbH. Hans Söllner becomes sole holder and general manager. The sole proprietorship still exists and now acts as the leasing Company for the home of GSM-Multimedia GmbH.

November 2005:
From this point on we distribute Space-Tek equipment-racks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Space-Tek offers innovative solutions in the range of equipment stands and therefore perfectly fits in with our product assortment.

January 2006:
We take over the distribution of Red Sound products for the German-speaking area. For many years, these unique/patented DJ products have stood for quality and innovation with a BPM counter that, even to this day has not been equaled by anything else!

April 2006:
We adopt the distribution of Grip Cologne DJ-Bags.

December 2006:
We start construction for the company expansion plan on our site. We trust in the experience of Wolf Systembau in Osterhofen.

May 2007:
In Europe, the “Original Spindoctor“ is distributed exclusively by GSM-Multimedia.

June 2007:
In Ibiza, GSM-Multimedia GmbH wins the Pioneer Forward Award 2007 as the best direct distributor of Pioneer in Germany. In the pan-European category we achieve an incredible second place!

July 2007:
We are very happy about the completion of the construction works and at that point we would like to thank Wolf Systembau for the scheduled fulfillment. We now have a storage area of more than 3000m³ available and about 1000 m³ for showroom and administration purposes.

August 2007:
We establish the brand Antoc and therefore own a further top-brand. Now we are able to offer an interesting product range of Pro Audio and Lighting Systems.

November 2007:
GSM-Multimedia GmbH adopts the division “manufacturing and distribution of Slipmats” from US-Import in Belgium and thereby becomes the world’s biggest and most important manufacturer of Slipmats. We established the brand Slipmat-Factory specifically for this reason. It now operates in wholesaling as well as at retail business level.

June 2008:
We take over the distribution of Decksaver in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Decksaver dustcovers are very robust and stylish. GSM-Multimedia GmbH enlarges its market position.

March 2009:
Our 2nd Web Shop is now online.

May 2009:
GSM-Multimedia GmbH is awarded ‘most successful direct distributor of Pioneer in Germany’ for the second time and wins the Pioneer Forward Award 2009. We are placed second once again in the Pan-European category.

June 2010:
The GSM-Multimedia GmbH is awarded for the third time as the most successful German Pioneer SD Base and receives again the Pioneer Forward Award 2010. We thank all our loyal customers for their support.

September 2010:
With the model series Berlin, Miami and Ibiza, we carry out our first Zomo DJ-furniture in the market. We open with Zomo so another market area and complement our successful range.

May 2011:
The French manufacturer Guillemot passes the distribution of Hercules DJ / Music products on the GSM-Multimedia GmbH and trusts from now on in our sales structure. Hercules DJ products fit seamlessly into our portfolio and strengthen our position in the digital music industry.

January 2015:
Taking over the distribution for DJ-Tech Pro Products for Germany, Austria and Benelux. DJ-Tech is a Chinese manufacturer of professional DJ equipment and stands in particular for innovation and a top price / performance ratio.


As one of the most important distributors of DJ /club equipment and market leader in the range of accessories we will continue enlarging our assortment and do our best to supply both DJs as well as our wholesaling partners with an exclusive assortment, attractive prices and a first-class service.

We are looking forward to having many successful, exciting and healthy years together with you – first of all to having lots of common events and parties!

Here’s to a successful cooperation!
GSM-Multimedia GmbH
General Management

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